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TOPIC: Be RSorder member to gain runescape gold 60% off

Be RSorder member to gain runescape gold 60% off 4 ם 3 ימים ago #503

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Where do we drop bombs in Mekkatorque, since they leave residue lightning? You won figure that rs gold shit out by pulling and pulling. You need to take a bit to explain people where the fuck to drop those things and then go and try it out.. Basically, with enough research, everything can be explained through physics, and magic will be quantifiable. This case gives the plausibility that if a horcrux were to be in an environment with intense heat, let say the heat of the core of a star, billions of degrees Celsius, the temperature may be hot enough to "disturb" the "magical" properties in the horcrux and maybe even destroy it..
Maybe they want to see the name go on, so people make a new clan regarding it. Wumps reasoning for closing the clan is bullshit anyway. Im happy, I guess. And you I guess that your finished with your academic tasks by now. Moreover, the one or two recognitions they received came from within their own sects. Dorje Chang Buddha III, the situation is completely different.
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