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TOPIC: Rick Fox and Jeremy Lin among them

Rick Fox and Jeremy Lin among them 11 ם 1 שבוע ago #686

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Many NBA owners and players present and retired -- Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Rick Fox and Jeremy Lin among them -- have invested in a variety of e-sports. Next in this new world: gamemakers eyeing the expert sports model and creating city-based franchises priced from $10 million to $20 million annually.

"Everyone who plays thinks they're great -- like, I think I am really great," Towns said Wednesday. "But those guys are fantastic. They operate on their game like we were work ."

However, is it true? "It's real, the abilities are real," said Wolves chief strategy officer Ted Johnson, who worked annually to acquire a 2K team. "They're just different skills. The ability of a elite e-sports player isn't their physical ability to leap into the atmosphere with a 44-inch vertical. Their ability is to read the screen and respond quickly, just like NBA players make fast, real-time decisions based upon what they view on the court"

Hood averaged 29.2 points last season for Cavs Legion GC and after a particularly hot streak,"SportsCenter" compared his stats side-by-side into a fellow Cavalier, the great LeBron James. "We were at Johnny Rockets observing because we won some nba mt 2k20 cash in a tournament and my telephone started blowing ," he explained. "It had been mind boggling. I couldn't believe it."

Hood played high school ball near Fort Lauderdale, Fla., as a 6-5 forward, but he is a 6-4 scoring point guard in 2K. "We're playing a video game, but lots of it is actual basketball IQ," Hood said. "You have to understand screen-and-rolls nba 2k20 mt coins for sale and the way to read defences. You see movie. You need to know basketball to play with the sport ."
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